About Us



To educate, encourage and support women veterans, service members, their families and communities at large. We ask that you recognize our commitment to serve our country, and the challenges we have endured and overcome because of that promise. Women Veterans Social Justice will continue our pledge to our great nation through the support and empowerment of women veterans, their families and their communities.

Company Overview:

Women Veterans Social Justice is a support organization Founded by BriGette McCoy with the vision to inform, connect,  educate and empower veteran women about programs, benefits and networking opportunities. Initially started in 2006 as a local support group for employment networking it was expanded in 2008 to social networking and online media giving a broader range and a deeper impact because of collaboration relationships with multiple Veteran groups.


Women Veteran Social Justice’s vision is to serve as a network that is a nationally administered community based organization, striving to:

  • Educate women veteran’s on entrepreneurship and business enrichment;

  • Create viable opportunities for women veterans to partner with one another to enrich their family socioeconomic status and long term relationship building training and education within their local communities;

  • Work to bring together federal, state and community nonprofit organizations to ensure that every veteran is receiving the care and resources earned through their selfless service; and to

  • Provide an easy to navigate support system to connect veterans with the services and resources they need.

Women Veteran’s Social Justice was founded in 2008 by BriGette McCoy; long before it was “hip” to represent veterans.