NFL All-Time Quarterback Passing Touchdowns Leaders

We gathered another OG List containing the Best 50 quarterbacks who pitched the many passing touchdowns in NFL history. Drew Brees finished his career with the New Orleans Saints with 571 passing touchdowns and retired rated second one time in NFL history behind Tom Brady. Brady pitched 581 touchdowns at 21 seasons constituting 301 games using the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Bucs.

Drew Brees Tom Brady NFL All-Time List Passing Touchdowns QB TDs
New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and Tom Brady in the Tampa Bay Bucs adopt after a match 2020. Brady and Brees direct the NFL at the best two all time death touchdown leaders. (Picture: Butch Dill/AP)

Brady will be the GOAT and who knows exactly how many touchdowns he will have by now he is prepared to hang up the pads?

He pitched 80 touchdowns in the postseason, such as 18 at the Super Bowl (not such as SB 55). To put that amount into perspective, just 166 quarterbacks in NFL history withdrew 80 or even more touchdowns and Brady imposed that harm in 44 playoff matches.

Brady and Brees went forth and back the past few seasons fighting each other for TD documents. Nevertheless, if accidents caught around Brees, Brady defeated him. Brady found the Fountain of Youth at Tampa Bay. Old Man Brady seems like he can play for a few more seasons. He is on pace to become the first and only player to achieve 600 touchdowns, which ought to occur midway during the 2021 season.

Brees retired following a unsatisfactory 2020 period where he glanced throughout the pain of numerous injuries (shoulder( foot) such as 13 broken ribs. ) Any way you look at it, 571 touchdowns in Brees is an outstanding accomplishment.

Brett Favre Peyton Manning QB TDs
Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers and Peyton Manning in the Indianapolis Colts shake hands following a match in 2004. (Picture: Getty)

The 420 Club: Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning completed his career as the one time death leader with 539 touchdowns afterwards he eclipsed Favre’s 508 touchdowns. At the moment, they were also the only two QBs to achieve at the 500 markers before Brees passed by 2019.

Miami Dolphins gunslinger Dan Mario finished his career with a heady 420 touchdowns. He is among the greatest players in NFL history never to win a Super Bowl. His markers 420 touchdowns was put in 1999 plus that he had been the NFL’s touchdown leader stood for nearly eight seasons until Favre handed him 2007.

1. ) Tom Brady 581
2. Drew Brees 571
3. ) Peyton Manning 539
4. ) Brett Favre 508
5. ) Philip Rivers 421
6. ) Dan Marino 420
7. ) Aaron Rodgers 412

Just four quarterbacks chucked over 500 touchdowns within their own livelihood: Brady, Brees, Favre, along with Peyton Manning. Can Aaron Rodgers remain fit enough to attain this high-water mark of superiority?

Rodgers won his third MVP award following a dramatic 2020 period where he pulled a career-high 48 touchdowns, where he joined the 400 TD Club. Rodgers spanned three years supporting Brett Favre until he eventually got a starting job with the Green Bay Packers. At the past 13 seasons,” Rodgers lit up it with 412 TDs and 45 postseason TDs. He also became the seventh player in NFL history to achieve 400 death touchdowns.

Philip Rivers newly retired later 16 seasons using all the SD/LA Chargers and yet another swan song of a year with the Indianapolis Colts. Rivers retired as 5 all time in passing touchdowns.

John Elway Denver Broncos passing touchdown
John Elway in the Denver Broncos playing from the Cleveland Browns. (Picture: Getty)

300 TD Club: Tarkenton, Elway, Eli, Matty Ice along with Big Ben

Just a dozen quarterbacks pitched 300 or more touchdowns and also John Elway simply qualified using a 300 before he murdered. Elway completed his storied 16-year career with the Denver Broncos with 300 touchdowns along with 2 Super Bowl wins.

Fran Tarkenton had been the teaser master together using the Minnesota Vikings at the 1970s. But hethe Vikes could not win the Super Bowl. Tarkenton was at the Best 10 all time touchdowns until Matty Ice along with Eli Manning handed .

8. ) Ben Roethlisberger 396
9. Eli Manning 366
10. Matt Ryan 347
11. Fran Tarkenton 342
12. John Elway 300

Within the past couple of seasons, all believed that Ben Roethlisberger was going to perform in his final year. But Big Ben takes a licking, and keeps coming back for more. He is on pace to combine 400 TD Club ancient at the 2021 year old.

The lasting Matt Ryan missed just 3 matches in his 13-year career. Matty Ice chucked all 347 of the touchdowns together with the Atlanta Falcons and pitched 20-and TDs at 12 from 13 seasons)

Eli Manning ought to be inducted to the Hall of Fame since he is one of just a dozen to achieve 300 TDs. He is also one of those infrequent QBs to topple Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the Super Bowl.

NFL Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts QB
Baltimore Colts QB Johnny Unitas, found here in the NY Giants at 1959, is among the best QBs at the background of the NFL. (Picture: Neil Leifer/AP)

Legends: Moon, Montana, Unitas

Joe Montana played with 16 seasons with an San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Lots of stalwarts and old-timers believe Montana since the best quarterback in NFL history, much to the joy of Brady haters. Bill Walsh was the portion of this West Coast offense, although Montana conducted it to perfection throughout San Francisco’s dynasty at the 1980s. Montana only pitched for 273 touchdowns in his profession, however he won four Super Bowls and got two MVP awards.

Johnny Unitas played at the league to get 18 seasons and pitched 290 TD strikes) Unitas is known for his glory days with the Baltimore Colts. He won a championship in Super Bowl V, but won three NFL titles with the Colts.

Warren Moon paid his dues at the Canadian Soccer League prior to making his mark in the NFL with the Houston Oilers. Moon pitched 291 TDs and rushed 22 more throughout a 17-year career.

13. Carson Palmer 294
14. Warren Moon 291
15. Johnny Unitas 290
16. Matthew Stafford 282
17. Vinny Testaverde 275
18. Joe Montana 273
19. Russell Wilson 267
20. Dave Krieg 261

Carson Palmer’s title is the major surprise , but again, he is the former #1 overall choice in the 2003 NFL Draft. Palmer spent hundreds of seasons bad teams, which explains precisely why he flew beneath the radar. If he did not violate his arm midway during the 2017 he could have combined the 300 TD Club.

Matthew Stafford is 18 touchdowns shy of connecting the 300 TD Club. Stafford should grow to be the 13th participant to accomplish that accomplishment midway during his first year with the LA Rams at 2021.

Russell Wilson chucked a career-high 40 touchdown this year. He passed 34 touchdowns four occasions within his nine-season profession with the Seattle Seahawks. If Wilson can perform to his 40therefore, he will have a shot in the stressful uncommon 500 TD Club.

George Blanda Oakland Raiders Oldest NFL Player QB
Oakland Raiders QB George Blanda retains the record for the oldest player in NFL history 48. (Picture: Getty)

Tough Men: Tittle, Kelly, Blanda, Fouts

George Blanda played until he had been 48-years old. He started out using the Chicago Bears at 1949 and finished his career with the Oakland Raiders at 1975. Blanda retains the record for oldest participant in the NFL, however Brady would like to challenge him that name. Blanda is the only QB to perform at the NFL in several unique years (1940therefore, 1950therefore, 1960therefore, and 1970s). Oh, and also to add to Blanda’s legend, he also kicked.

YA Tittle is known for directing the New York Giants to numerous NFL names games at the pre-Super Bowl age when the G-Men played in Yankee Stadium.

Dan Fouts may have experienced among the greatest arms in the league throughout his 15-year ) with the San Diego Chargers. He eventually became the first player to pass for 4 days,000 metres in three-straight seasons. He is currently rated #22 with 254 touchdowns.

21. Sonny Jurgensen 255
22. Dan Fouts 254
23. Drew Bledsode 251
24. Tony Romo 248
25. Boomer Esaison 247
26. John Hadl 244
27. YA Tittle 242
28. Len Dawson 239
29. Jim Kelly 237
30. George Blanda 236

Jim Kelly is still among the toughest quarterbacks in the background of this sport. Kelly, built more like a linebacker, led the Buffalo Bills to four-straight Super Bowl appearances, but they might not get over the hump. Kelly completed his career with 237 TDs.

Tony Romo is known today for his lovely broadcasting skills. However, prior to a bad back forced him from this group, Romo withdrew 248 touchdowns and is now rated #24 each of moment.

YA Tittle NY Giants 1964 QB
NY Giants QB YA Tittle, found here bloodied following a bang by the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1964, pitched 242 touchdowns in his profession. (Picture: Dozier Mobley/AP)

Motley Crew: McNabb, Young,” Bradshaw, FitzMagic

Donovan McNabb, the former #2 choice in 3 NFL Draft from Syracuse, performed 11 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. McNabb pitched for 234 touchdowns and dashed 29 more. He played Andy Reid if he mastered the Eagles, however they dropped Super Bowl 31 into the New England Patriots.

Steve Young played with a stint with the USFL and backed up Joe Montana for several years with the San Francisco 49ers before he eventually got his opportunity to begin. Young unleashed 232 touchdowns and won 3 Super Bowls with the Niners. The nimble youthful also dashed 43 touchdowns.

Terry Bradshaw played his whole career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which he won four Super Bowls with head coach Chuck Noll and won the Super Bowl MVP twice.

31. Donovan McNabb 234
32. Steve Young 232
33. Jay Cutler 227
34. Joe Flacco 224
35. Ryan Fitzpatrick 223
36. Andy Dalton 218
37. John Brodie 214
38. Terry Bradshaw 212
38. Matt Hasselbeck 212
40. Jom Hart 209

John Brodie includes a fantastic story. The prior QB in the San Francisco 49ers can be also a leading golfer also won a name on the PGA Seniors excursion back 1991.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a Harvard-educated journeyman famous FItzMagic because of his capacity to lead groups to comeback victories. FitzMagic created history as the only player in NFL history to throw a touchdown for eight unique groups (St. Louis, Cincy, Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston, LOL Lets, Tampa Bay, and Miami).

This motley team also has active quarterbacks at the majority of their professions such as Joey Flacco along with Andy Dalton. However, let’s not overlook Jay Cutler, that played with 12 years to Denver, Chicago, and Miami.

Bobby Layne QB Detroit Lions
QB Bobby Layne, found in with Detroit Lions head coach Buddy Parker in Briggs Stadium at 1951, had the most noteworthy huge arm NFL history. (Picture: AP)

The Rocket, Sweet Bobby, Alex Smith

In the summit of his powers until he pulled out his ACL, nobody may halt the Rocket. Randall Cunningham pitched 207 touchdowns and also ushed to get 35 over 16 seasons, such as 11 together with the Philadelphia Eagles and 3 together with the Minnesota Vikings. Back in 1998, Cunningham threw a career-high 34 touchdowns for its 15-1 Vikes.

Kurt Warner began his career somewhat later than many experts. He paid his dues at the Arena Football League while awaiting his shot in the NFL. When he eventually got an opportunity using the St. Louis Rams, Warner directed the Best Show on Turf into a Super Bowl triumph. Back in 1999, Warner withdrew 41 touchdowns and won the MVP.

41. Kerry Collins 208
41. Kurt Warner 208
43. Randall Cunningham 207
44. Jim Everett 203
45. Roman Gabriel 201
46. Phil Simms 199
46. Alex Smith 199
48. Ken Anderson 197
49. Steve DeBerg 196
49. Joe Ferguson 196
49. Bobby Layne 196
50. Norm Snead 196

Alex Smith never thought he would play soccer again after a grisly compound leg fracture. He died of a disease and surgeons advocated that they amputate his leg, but he gutted it out and returned into the NFL at 2020. The league called Smith that their Comeback Player of the Year 2020. When he keeps playingwith, he’s got a shot at eventually accomplishing the 200 TD mark.

Sweet Bobby Layne won three NFL titles with the Detroit Lions from the 1950s. He had been still an old-school, hard-living participant who’d smoke cigs and knock back a beer in halftime to epitomize the Mad Men-era of their NFL. Back in 15 seasons that he pitched 196 touchdowns. He’d have easily passed the 200 TD marker, but groups played with a 12-match program back then.