Niklas Astedt ships over US$1M in the Sunday Five Million; Sami Kelopuro pockets US$520K; Jack Salter & China’s”judd trump” among newest multicolored millionaire winners; US$10M gtd Super MILLION$ Released — Somuchpoker

Topping the headlines once more was Swedish ace Niklas Astedt who defeated this week’s version of this Sunday Five Million to get a towering US$ 1,095,740. 82, the biggest festival payout up to now. This is his fourth triumph, the most by any participant. Finland’s Sami Kelopuro won the Super High Roller to US$ 520K. Additionally demonstrating their might have been Jack Salter, China’s “judd trump”, Farid Jattin, and also Stanislav”FreeZePeeDoe” Zegal, each having 2 wins. In the emphasized GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H US$ 10,300, US$ 10,000,000 ensured , Day 1B reasoned with Konstantin Maslak amassing the chips to make overall second position. Day 1A’s Michael Watson still retains the top place. Three beginning days stay. We have got those tales for you and much more.

Have a peek at the figures, the GG Spring Festival 2021 is nearing its halfway target. Following ten days, it’s paid out approximately US$ 73.5 million around 152 tournaments. If you’re a newcomer to the scene, then it’s the largest event this year with US$ 150,000,000 ensured across 337 tournaments. The festival started on April 4 and will operate till April 25 inclusive. 185 tournaments stay with buy ins from only US$ 5 into some pricey US$ 25,500. Time to connect the search by enrolling at server online stage Natural8. Exclusive promos and festival postcards for many members. It is possible to read up on these perks in the base of the webpage.

And for our GGSF Day 9 and Day 10 very best stories)

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Niklas Astedt wins the Sunday Five Million to get US$ 1, respectively 095,740

No brakes to get Swedish online ace Niklas Astedt who procured another amazing victory. Astedt outlasted that the 202 powerhouse area of this H-41: $25,500 Sunday Five Million to accumulate a gigantic US$ 1, 2 095,740. 82. This very first place payout has been US$10K over its very first variant to slightly advantage winner Natural8 participant Guillaume Nolet since the only wealthiest earner of this festival.

Niklas Åstedt
Niklas Åstedt

With this most recent achievement, Astedt became the first player to carry down four occasions. We have recorded his other wins only below together with the corresponding prize cash. In general, Astedt has made US$ 1, respectively 374,988. 19 in first position payouts independently.

H-14: $1, 2 050 PLO-NL Bounty — US$ 39,974. 81
H-19: $2,100 Bounty [ 6 Max ] — US$ 98,807. 81
H-25: $5 ),250 PLO-NL Bounty — US$ 140,464. 75

About the macro perspective, the Swede monster has accumulated US$ 9, respectively 603,115 million in that the GG system and also US$ 21,991,928 at PokerStars below the nickname “lena900”. Back in January 2020, Astedt was considered the largest MTT online winner ever, a name that he could still hold now.

Recapping the H-41: $25,500 Sunday Five Million, case proved to be a two-day affair drawing 202 admissions, enough to trickle the US$ 5M warranty to get a marginally bigger US$ 5,050,000 decoration pool. The best 27 gamers got a cut beginning with Nick Petrangelo that min-cashed US$ 49,062. 66 although it was not near covering the five bullets he’d spent. Petrangelo’s reduction was dwarfed by a much more recognized thick hitter, multi player winner Lev”LevMeAlone” Gottlieb, that shelled out a brain blowing 9 buy-ins simply to leave with no return. Day 1 shut with Astedt directing the last eight players, an advantage he held before the finish.

Ggsf1 1
GGSF H-41: $25,500 Sunday Five Million closing table

On only the flip side, the sickly Wei Zhao (9th) was axed from the pioneer. Forty-five minutes after, Pedro Garagnani (8th) was murdered after his AdKd has been outdrawn by Joao Vieira’s AhQh queen in the flop, and then Astedt took the remainder for his next victim. This was followed with a protracted seven handed around, running almost 1 hour earlier Astedt drained out Sam Greenwood (7th). Shawn Daniels assisted cut the area by Spinning Sami Kelopuro (6th) with QsQd holding over AdJs. Out following was David Yan (5th) who met his end in the hands of Astedt. Daniels completed off Vieira (4th) for prey #2, also Astedt railed Jason Koon (3rd) to confront Daniels in heads-up using a 50 bb benefit. Regardless of Daniels winning several baskets, the guide was a lot to defeat. Astedt shut it out using As10d restraining Ad6h onto a plank 4h5s2c9hAh. Much like Astedt, Daniels’s powerful end made out of a profession score US$ 821,689. 32.

Closing table payouts

1st Niklas Astedt — Norway — US$ 1,095,740. 82
2nd Shawn Daniels — Canada — US$ 821,689. 32
3rd Jason Koon — USA — US$ 616,180. 06
4th Joao Vieira — Luxembourg — US$ 462,069. 98
5th David Yan — New Zealand — US$ 346,503. 74
6th Sami Kelopuro — Finland — US$ 259,840. 87
7th Sam Greenwood — Canada — US$ 194,853. 27
8th Pedro Garagnani — Brazil — US$ 146,119. 22
9th Wei Zhao — China — US$ 109,574. 22

H-49: $5 25,500 Super High Roller: SAMI KELOPURO

Based on his seventh final table look, Finland’s Sami Kelopuro defeated the 90 runners of H-49: $25,500 Super High Roller to soil his first triumph. In the last showdown, Kelopuro defeated Wiktor Malinowski to haul into a handsome US$ 520,003. 49 first trophy, his biggest takedown at that the GG community . Additionally headquartered in was USA’s Jason Koon, making 5th spot for US$ 183,673. 09, his next SHR closing table of Day 10.

Sami Kelopuro Poker 1
Sami Kelopuro. Charge: PokerStars

The H-49: $5 25,500 Super High Roller championship surpassed its US$ 2 million warranty to get a US$ two,250,000 decoration pool dispersed one of the best 13 areas. It was only in 3 passed Kelopuro took the lead due to a failed bluff Yuri Dzivielevski who billed on each road with atmosphere against two group. This reduction in processors price Dzivielevski to deliver the Brazilian ace shoving numerous occasions. Malinowski ended off him to confront Kelopuro behind only 9 major blinds. Heads-up was dominated from the pioneer nonetheless Malinowski set up a fantastic struggle, doubling up two. On the next most in termed showdown it had been Kelopuro transport it using Jh10c outdrawing Ks7d onto a plank Js8c5h5d8s. One of his additional heavy runs were 4th in the H-16: $25,500 Super High Roller to get US$ 236,296, 2nd in the H-24: $10,300 Thursday Thriller Bounty to get US$ 123,256, and 6th in the H-41: $25,500 Sunday Five Million to get US$ 259,840. 87.

2 occasions such as Jack Salter

Jack Salter Poker
Jack Salter. Charge: Cardplayer Magazine

England’s Jack Salter came out victorious in two occasions, both the M-36: $105 Bounty Hyper [ 6 Max ] occasion on Day 1 and also the M-49: $2,625 High Definition on Day 10. Of both wins, the latter paid outside the biggest of US$ 151,386. 25. Salter triumphed over 301 runners denying Michael Watson another triumph in heads-up. Last hand was Salter Ac5d, Watson KhJh, the plank 8d7hAsQhQc. In addition, four joyful stakers shared 66percent of Salter’s activity with Michael Zhang making a rewarding 55%. )

Other multi winners

Along with Jack Salter, more gamers have been added into the pool of multiplayer winners. Have a look at the list below.

Farid Jattin — Colombia — H-34: $1, 2 050 High Rollers Main Event — US$ 79,771. 42, M-45: $250 PLO-NL Turbo — US$ 13,471. 72

Stanislav”FreeZePeeDoe” Zegal — Germany — M-02: $300 Sunday Marathon — US$ 52,751. 79, H-48: $525 PLO-NL Bounty — US$ 27,856. 65

Alfred Karlsson — Norway — L-45: $ $25 PLO-NL Turbo — US$ two,428. 37, L-48: $21 PLO-NL Bounty — US$ two,536. 47

To Asia, below that the China flag, “judd trump” bumped his stats up into 15 cashes, attaining five final tables and shutting out two. Back in Day 9, judd trump obtained the H-43: U$5, respectively 250 Bounty Hunters SHR to get US$ 151,617. 21 subsequently on dawn 10 the two-day H-44: 1,50 High Rollers Main Event to get US$ 96,783. 54. Other closing table cashes have been:

H-35: $10300 PLO-NL High Definition — 7th location — US$ 28,538. 71
H-33: $5 ),250 PLO-NL Bounty — 5th location — US$ 39,314. 29
H-25: $5 ),250 PLO-NL Bounty — 6th location — US$ 17,972. 52
*H-41: $25,500 Sunday Five Million — 29th location — US$ 49,062. 66

Other Remarkable Trainers

H-50: $5, respectively 250 Half Cost Super Tuesday

Warranty: US$ 750,000
Entries: 222
Prize pool: US$ 1, 2 110,000
ITM: 31 areas
Winner: Benjamin Rolle — US$ 236,019. 99

This occasion surged beyond its warranty to get a US$ 1.1 million prize pool. Rolle entered heads-up having the 11:1 benefit which Rafael”TheBigKid” Moraes was unable to conquer. Last hand has been 2c2s total home finished Jd5d excursions on a plank Jh4d2h6sJs.

M-40: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event [ 2 Day Event ]

Warranty: US$ 1, 2 000,000
Entries: 1, 2 183
Prize pool: US$ 1, 2 183,000
ITM: 170 areas
Winner: Jamil Wakil — Canada — US$ 170,809. 64

H-51: $1,050 Deepstack Bounty Turbo

Warranty: US$ 100,000
Entries: 236
Prize pool: US$ 236,000
ITM: 35 areas
Winner: Alex Foxen — USA — US$ 41,677. 40

L-47: $5 25 Forty Stack

Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 4 ),124
Prize pool: US$ 94,852
ITM: 683 areas
Winner: CLVT — Vietnam — US$ 10,559. 74

Featured Occasions — Published

Among the biggest secured events of this festival is that the US$ 10 million ensured GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H using buy in US$ 10,300. Unlike another emphasized occasions, this one just has five beginning times scheduled. Day 1A and Day 1B have concluded, three more accessible leading up to Day two.

Cumulative Entries: 487
Cumulative Day two qualifiers: 61
Day two: April 19 @405am HKT

Day 1A chip pioneer: Michael WatsonCanada — 1, 2 921,636
Day 1B chip pioneer: Konstantin Maslak — Russia — 1,690,980

Top 10 in processors
Ggsf2 1

In the GGSF Headliner-M: US$ 400 Buy featured occasions , equally NLHE and PLO-NL entrance days are continuing. Multiple heats can be obtained daily resulting in Day two April 19. Thus far, two,489 have entered the NLHE and 744 for its PLO-NL. The NLHE includes a US$ 2,5 million warranty that the PLO-NL provides a 1 million dollar warranty.

Open: GGSF Headliner-M: US$ 400 NLHE, US$ 2,500,000 ensured
Open: GGSF Headliner-M: US$ 400 PLO-NL, US$ 1,000,000 ensured

Upcoming Featured Events

Dates: April 19 into 26
GGSF Main Event-H: US$ 1, 2 500 NLHE, US$ 10,000,000 ensured
GGSF Main Event-H: US$ 1,500 PLO-NL, US$ 2,000,000 ensured

Occasion Promos

String Leaderboard Update

The festival is currently into Week two of those String Leaderboard. A total of 100 gamers can make a discussion of T$ 300,000. The High Tier awards T$ 150,000 into the upper 20 in factors, the Moderate Grade awards T$ 100,000 into the upper 30 in points, along with also the Low Tier awards T$ 50,000 towards the upper 50 in points. The week ends April 19. Presently, China’s”judd trump” contributes the High, Canada’s Tim”BeardOilGuy” Rutherford contributes the Moderate, and also Norway’s Alfred Karlsson contributes the Low.

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Another exclusive voucher is your US$ 50,000 GGSF LiveX Sponsorship. To be able to land this particular promo, you will want to conquer a mountain of gamers and acquire against the GGSF Main Event-H: US$ 1,500 NLHE, US$ 10 million ensured occasion . The payoff includes:

12 weeks LiveX Crew Sponsorship
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Stay tuned to Somuchpoker because we continue to deliver you recaps about the continuing Natural8 — GGSF festival.

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