Over US$ 85.6M paid out; Ronny Kaiser denies Mikita Badziakouski; Michele Dattani ships the High Thriller; Artur Martirosyan wins one; Kosei Ichinose reaches two final tables – Somuchpoker

GG Spring Festival 2021 is well beyond its halfway point with 13 days of games completed. Day 11, Day 12, and Day 13 contributed a combined US$ 11,694,000 in prize money to bring the cumulative festival payouts to an impressive US$ 85,664,000. Among the biggest winners were Ronny Kaiser, Michele “CrossfireX” Dattani, and Artur Martirosyan; Finland players Eelis Parssinen and Sami Kelopuro bagged second wins; in Asia, several players ran deep, namely China’s Wei Zhao, India’s Veeramanikandan “upay4myweed” Kaliyaperumal, and Natural8 Team Hot pro Kosei Ichinose. At the featured GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H $10,300, US$ 10,000,000 guarantee, Day 1C brought in another 129 entries with 14 advancing to Day 2. India player nicknamed “level29” currently holds the top spot.

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For those just tuning in, the GG Spring Festival 2021 is the richest event this season with a towering US$ 150,000,000 guaranteed across 337 tournaments. The festival opened on April 4 and will run until April 25 inclusive. 144 tournaments have yet to be claimed. Buy-ins range from US$ 5 to US$ 25,500. Join the hunt by signing up at host online platform Natural8. Exclusive promos and festival freebies are in store for all members. You can read up on those perks at the bottom of the page.

And now for our GGSF Day 11, Day 12 and Day 13 top stories.

Ronny Kaiser wins the H-57: $25,500 Super High Roller for over US$ 500K

Ronny Kaiser Poker
Ronny Kaiser. Credit: WSOP.com

On Day 12, Switzerland’s Ronny Kaiser went from runt to champion at the single day US$ 25,500 Super High Roller event. This event was the fourth of its kind with Ottomar Ladva, Dario Sammartino, and Sami Kelopuro as previous winners. Running on his second bullet, Kaiser entered the final table as the shortest with just 11 big blinds, two double ups and a few good pots kept him afloat to face Belarusian pro Mikita Badziakouski at heads up. After nearly an hour, with the lead exchanged twice, Kaiser’s kicker played (hand pictured below) to ship the US$ 508,447.84 first prize. This was his second series win and his second largest known career payout.

Ggsf1 2
GGSf H-57: $25,500 Super High Roller

The H-57: $25,500 Super High Roller drew 48 players with 40 re-entries to bloat the US$ 2 million guaranteed prize pool an extra US$ 200K. The money flowed at the fall of past installment champion Sami Kelopuro on the bubble. The final table was then formed upon Stephen Chidwick’s exit with Nick Petrangelo in the driver’s seat.

First to go was Pablo Silva (9th) on a bad beat against Chris Rudolph. Several busts later, at five remaining, Rudolph eliminated Russia’s Artur Martirosyan who still walked away with a profit despite buying in five times. Petrangelo followed, having been crippled down to 2 big blinds by Kaiser. At three-handed, Badziakouski collected a massive double up pot off Rudolph with AhAs winning over Jd10d to take the lead. Rudolph attempted to recover but Badziakouski had his number to send the Austrian packing in 3rd place. Heads up opened with Badziakouski up 4:1. Kaiser grinded up then landed a double with AsJh dominating Ad4s. For the first time at the final table, Kaiser was ahead. From there, both players tugged at the top spot. Kaiser pulled away to a 2:1 advantage then closed it out. This was Kaiser’s second series win with his first on Day 9 at the H-45: $2,100 PLO-NL Turbo for US$ 63,721.40.

Buy in: US$ 25,500
Guarantee: US$ 2,000,000
Entries: 88
Prize pool: US$ 2,200,000
ITM: 13 places

Final table payouts
1st Ronny Kaiser – Switzerland – US$ 508,447.84
2nd Mikita Badziakouski – Belarus – US$ 391,973.06
3rd Chris Rudolph – Austria – US$ 302,180.28
4th Nick Petrangelo – Canada – US$ 232,957.10
5th Artur Martirosyan – Russia – US$ 179,591.47
6th David Peters – USA – US$ 138,450.96
7th R_uida lin – Hong Kong – US$ 106,734.76
8th Sam Greenwood – Canada – US$ 82,284.07
9th Pablo Silva – Brazil – US$ 63,434.37

Kaiser’s other deep runs:
1st H-45: $2,100 PLO-NL Turbo – US$ 63,721.40
2nd M-07: $525 PLO-NL Bounty – US$ 19,072.60
5th H-07: $2,100 PLO-NL Bounty – US$ 26,521.65
11th H-59: $250 PLO-NL – US$ 9,901.98

Big Bounty: MICHELE “CrossfireX” DATTANI – US$ 339,484.21

Michele Dattani Poker
Michele Dattani. Credit: WSOP.com

Another big winner was Portugal’s Michele “CrossfireX” Dattani who outlasted the 159 head hunters of the H-58: $10,300 Thursday Thriller Bounty to pocket the US$ 113,390.46 first prize plus a massive US$ 226,093.75 in bounty rewards. This earned Dattani a combined US$ 339,484.21 for his largest recorded payout to date.

Ggsf2 2
GGSF US$10,300 big Bounty

At eight remaining, Dattani delivered a double knockout (hand pictured above) with AhKd pairing the Ace to oust both Bert Stevens QsQd and Amichai Barer JhJs. He continued to dominate, carrying his big stack to heads up against Russia’s Sergei Denisov. Denisov was hunting down his second series win and hoped to stack up on a board 4h7c5h5dQc however Dattani called the river shove with 4d8d bottom pair, catching Denisov’s Js8s bluff to send him out in second place.

Buy in: US$ 10,300
Guarantee: US$ 1,250,000
Entries: 159
Prize pool: US$ 1,590,000
ITM: 23 places

Final table payouts
1st Michele Dattani – Portugal – US$ 339,484.21
2nd Sergei Denisov – Russia – US$ 157,919.64
3rd Joao Simao – Brazil – US$ 137,086.49
4th Maksim “MAMOHT_T” Mamonov – Russia – US$ 101,977.12
5th Michael Watson – Canada – US$ 93,429.40
6th Bert Stevens – USA – US$ 66,772.77
7th Amichai Barer – Canada – US$ 59,367.47
8th Eelis Parssinen – Finland – US$ 61,666.48
9th Daniel Dvoress – Canada – US$ 34,221.84

Finland players Eelis Parssinen and Sami Kelopuro bag second wins

Finland players Eelis Parssinen and Sami Kelopuro were among the latest champions to bag a second win. Both players were also seen at more than one final table the past three days. For Parssinen, he reached another four final tables making that eight in total this series with two wins. His recent win was at the H-52: $1,050 PLO-NL where he overcame 172 runners for a US$ 41,825.78 payout.

Ggsf3 1
GGSF H-59: $ 5,250 PLO-NL

Kelopuro, on the other hand, added two to his list for nine final tables in total. His latest victory was at the H-59: $ 5,250 PLO-NL where he outlasted 113 runners. He was awarded the win after a heads-up deal with Parssinen. Here’s a look at their recent achievements.

Parssinen’s recent runs:
1st – H-52: $1,050 PLO-NL – US$ 41,825.78
2nd – H-59: $ 5,250 PLO-NL – US$ 121,039.50 (heads up deal with Kelopuro)
6th – M-57: $ 2,625 High Roller – US$ 33,448.94
8th – H-58: $ 10,300 Thursday Thriller Bounty – US$ 61,666.48
**13th – H-57: $ 25,500 Super High Roller – US$ 43,864.05

Kelopuro’s recent runs:

1st – H-59: $ 5,450 PLO-NL – US$ 135,998.08 (heads-up deal with Parssinen)
3rd M-59: $525 PLO-NL – US$ 17,940.17

Other multi winners

Tim “BeardOilGuy” Rutherford – Canada – L-58: $105 Thursday Thriller Bounty & M-44: $250 Daily Main Event

Markus Prinz – Germany – M-62: $250 Daily Main Event & H-30: $525 Hyper [6 Max]

AnonAnomaly – Ireland – L62: $25 Mini Main Event & L-28: $25 Mini Main Event

H-54: $1,050 High Roller Main Event: ARTUR MARTIROSYAN – US$ 83,530.81

Martirosyan Poker 1024x683
Artur Martirosyan

Two weeks prior Russia’s Artur Martirosyan was all over the poker headlines after he shipped the 2021 EPT Sochi Main Event for RUB 24,633,000 (~US$ 325,370). Two weeks later, the young pro was on top once again, this time in the virtual arena. Martirosyan won the two-day H-54: $1,050 High Roller Main Event, besting 444 entries, which included Bulgaria’s Stoyan “UncleToni” Obreshkov at heads-up. This earned him his first series victory and US$ 83,530.81.

The day after this win, Martirosyan also reached the final table of the H-57: $25,500 Super High Roller finishing in 5th place for US$ 179,591.47 however he did spend five buy-ins to bring his profit down to US$ 52K. He is currently ranked 3rd in the High Tier of the GGSF Weekly Leaderboard. As a familiar face in the GG network, Martirosyan is often seen playing big buy-in tournaments such as the weekly Super MILLION$ US$ 10,300. According to his profile, he has collected nearly US$ 14 million in winnings.

Other Notable Winners

M-58: $1,050 Thursday Thriller Bounty [ 2 Day Event ]

Guarantee: US$ 600,000
Entries: 845
Prize pool: US$ 845,000
ITM: 116 places
Winner: Andras Nemeth – Hungary – US$ 110,038.60

M-57: $2,625 High Roller

Guarantee: US$ 500,000
Entries: 275
Prize pool: US$ 687,500
ITM: 39 places
Winner: David Peters – USA – US$ 119,960.85 (heads-up deal)
2nd Elio FoxUSA – US$ 126,866.96 (heads-up deal)

H-53: $2,100 Bounty

Guarantee: 500,000
Entries: 294
Prize pool: US$ 588,000
ITM: 39 places
Winner: Dan “APowers1968” ColpoysUSA – US$ 92,222.98

Asia results

Since the start of the festival we’ve only seen Taiwan’s Pete Chen and Austria’s Bryan Paris represent Natural8 Team Hot. For Chen, he has already cashed at several events with two final table appearances. His latest was at the H-53: $2,100 Bounty finishing 6th for a US$ 23,554.40 payday.

Kosei Ichinose 2018 Appt Macau Main Event Day 3 Giron 8jg8838
Kosei Ichinose

The past few days, another Natural8 Team Hot pro joined the action and reached two final tables. Japan’s Kosei Ichinose finished 7th at the M-59: $525 PLO-NL event for US$ 4,902.62 and 6th at the H-63: $525 Turbo for US$ 4,045.57. He also secured his Day 2 spot at the featured GGS Headliner-M $400 PLO-NL, US$ 1M GTD event. Ichinose sold 30% of his action which was quickly snatched up by six stakers.

In other Asia festival news, two players flying Asian flags went the distance and five reached the final table. For Chinese pro Wei Zhao, he is still hunting down his first victory. He has been seen in at least seven final tables. Zhao’s latest deep runs were on Day 12 where he finished 8th at the H-61: $2,100 Bounty for US$ 11,638.09 and 3rd at the H-63: $525 Turbo for US$ 9,593.56.

Other finalists:

1st Whattherules – Thailand – H-55: $525 Bounty – US$ 38,490.79
1st alive123ChinaL-55: $5.25 Bounty – US$ 1,602.29
2nd Romain “Flingue” Dours – France / ThailandH-61: $2,100 Bounty – US$ 29,735.37
3rd judd trumpChinaH-53: $2,100 Bounty – US$ 38,345.99
3rd Joshua McCully – Australia / Thailand H-59: $5,250 PLO-NL – US$ 77,984.18
3rd Veeramanikandan “upay4myweed” Kaliyaperumal IndiaL-58: $105 Thursday Thriller Bounty – US$ 16,753.87

Featured Events – underway

One of the largest guaranteed events of the festival is the US$ 10 million guaranteed GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H with buy-in at US$ 10,300. Unlike the other highlighted events, this one only has five starting days scheduled. To date, Day 1A, Day 1B, and Day 1C have already concluded. India’s “level29” and Spain’s Sergio Aido ran well in Day 1C to take the top two spots in the counts.

Cumulative Entries: 610
Cumulative Day 2 qualifiers: 75
Day 2: April 19 @405am HKT
Day 1A chip leader: Michael Watson Canada – 1,921,636
Day 1B chip leader: Konstantin MaslakRussia – 1,690,980
Day 1C chip leader: level29India – 1,176,011

Top 10 in chips
Ggsf4 1

At the GGSF Headliner-M: US$ 400 buy-in featured events, both NLHE and PLO-NL entry days have been ongoing. Multiple heats are offered per day leading up to Day 2 on April 19. The NLHE has a US$ 2,5 million guarantee, the PLO-NL offers a one million dollar guarantee. Currently, the more popular NLHE has drawn 5,311 entries and the PLO-NL with 1,585.

Upcoming Featured Events

Dates: April 19 to 26
GGSF Main Event-H: US$ 1,500 NLHE, US$ 10,000,000 guaranteed
GGSF Main Event-H: US$ 1,500 PLO-NL, US$ 2,000,000 guaranteed

Event Promos

Series Leaderboard Update

The festival is now into Week 2 of the Series Leaderboard. A total of 100 players will earn a share of T$ 300,000. The High Tier awards T$ 150,000 to the top 20 in points, the Medium Tier awards T$ 100,000 to the top 30 in points, and the Low Tier awards T$ 50,000 to the top 50 in points. The week ends on April 18.

Austria’s Chris Rudolph currently leads the High Tier while Canada’s Tim “BeardOilGuy” Rutherford leads both the Medium Tier and Low Tier. Player Fabrizio Gonzalez who finished Week 1 winning the Medium Tier and runner up at the High Tier, is currently ranked second in all three tiers. Natural8 Team Hot pro Pete Chen is ranked 4th in the Medium Tier. China’s Wei Zhao is ranked 6th in the High Tier.

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Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we continue to bring you recaps on the ongoing Natural8 – GGSF festival.

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