Andres”chokitin” Korn wins a WSOPC Twist in the 800 Deepstack NLH Championship; Ukraine’s HuliGPN maintains third facet triumph — Somuchpoker

Eleven times have breezed by in the Natural8 WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021. The most recent ring winner was Argentinian expert / WSOP bracelet holder Andres”chokitin” Korn who shot down RING #8: $800 Deepstack No Limit Hold’em Championship. In the side occasions, USA’s Shawn Daniels pocketed six characters, along with Ukraine’s HuliGPN sent a thirdparty. Thus far, the continuing show has paid over US$ 39.5 Million around 281 occasions (8 ring occasions, 273 side occasions ). Lots of money yet to be obtained using a total of US$ 100 Million guaranteed. Also up for grabs have been the past 12 WSOP Circuit Rings. The show runs through May 31st.

Next opportunity at the coveted product is the weekend. Ring #9: $9 525 Bounty Deepstack No Limit Hold’em gets underway May 16 in 02:05 HKT. The next evening is RING Number 10: $5 100 HUNDRED STACK No Limit Hold’em occurring on May 17 in 02:05 HKT. Both events include a US$ 500,000 warranty. Another occasion players must not lose out is Ring Number 11: $5 400 COLOSSUS comprising the biggest guarantee nonetheless of US$ 2.5 Million. Several Day 1 flights are operating daily. Day two is about May 17 in 0405 HKT.

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WSOPC from the amounts

Day 1 — 11 decoration pool: US$ 39,568,831
Seven figure trophy pools: 6 ring occasions, 5 side occasions
Potter awarded: 8
Negative events: 273
Total admissions: 313,362
Most wins: Artur Martirosian, Alessandro Giannelli, HuliGPN — 3 negative events
Most Circle Event closing tables — Claas Segebrecht — two final tables

WSOP Circuit Ring winners

Ring Number 1: Bangshifu — China — US$ 147,012. 67
Ring Number 2: James”PHJ10″ CarrollUSA — US$ 49,835. 14
Ring Number 3: Mario Mosboeck — Austria — US$ 129,700. 43
Ring Number 4: Uri”JimyT” Reichenstein — Israel — US$ 166,859. 75
Ring Number 5: Jonas”LobyPewis” Mackoff — Canada — US$ 71,139. 69
Ring Number 6 ) : GangstaZab — Russia — US$ 133,179. 80
Ring Number 7: Raggaz — New Zealand — US$ 145,994. 01

RING #8: $800 Deepstack NLH Championship — ANDRES “chokitin” KORN — US$ 163,388. 73

RING #8: $800 Deepstack No Limit Hold’em Championship has been the first ring ring occasion on the roster which ensured one million bucks. 1,545 signed to increase the prize pool into US$ 1,174,200. After almost a half an hour of drama, WSOP bracelet holder Andres”chokitin” Korn sent it upon his next bullet to lock the lion’s share US$ 163,388. 73 original decoration and his first WSOP Circuit Ring.

Andres Korn Poker
Andres Korn. Charge:

Argentinian pro Andres Korn is adorned with a very long list of live tournament accomplishments collected since 2006. Thus far, he’s over US$ two Million in submitted earnings together with his biggest US$ 618,285 because of his success in the 2017 WSOP $5, respectively 000 No Limit Hold’em occasion . This also given him his first WSOP necklace . Back in 2019, Korn came alongside another costume, finishing 3rd in the $1,000 Mini Main Event to get another six figure payout of US$ 287,219. His triumph now was his third biggest career score. This really was Korn’s 20th WSOP money and primary significant triumph over the GG Network. Korn is also observed on the Asian believed. Back in 2019, he finished 9th in the Crimson Dragon Manila Main Event to get US$ 23,898.

Purchase at: US$ 800
Warranty: US$ 1, 2 000,000
Entries: 1, 2 545
Prize pool: US$ 1, 2 174,200
ITM: 224 areas
Running period: 10 hours and hours 20 moments

Closing table payouts

1st Andres “chokitin” Korn — Argentina — US$ 163,388. 73
2nd Yannick “ProbierEs” Schumacher — Austria — US$122,523. 59
3rd Rafi “CheckYoMama” Elharar — Israel — US$ 91,879. 72
4th DontTiltGG — Finland — US$68,900. 09
5th Gabriel Schroeder — Brazil — US$51,667. 83
6th Patrick “Nelepo10” Ulyssea — Brazil — US$38,745. 41
7th jackthewinner — China — US$ 29,054. 94
8th Vlad Stefan “HaiFanFan” Lache — Romania — US$ 21,788. 16
9th Katie “ShantayUStay” Lindsay — USA — US$ 16,338. 84

Closing table Caution

A couple spots in the last table, Romania’s Vlad Stefan”HaiFanFan” Lache removed Albania’s “5reijfu4” at 11th location afterward Brazil’s Eder”BlueMoon” Campana missed his opportunity in another closing table, dropping to fellow countryman Gabriel Schroeder at 10set spot. The last table started together with HaiFanFan as chip pioneer and Andres”chokitin” Korn rated 7th. Korn has been the sole player searching for his next career WSOP triumph .

Wsop Scos 1
WSOP Super Circuit Online collection RING #8: $5 800 Deepstack NLH Championship final table

The last table clocked just two weeks. On the way, AK was quite busy but not rewarding. Lowest ranked Rafi”CheckYoMama” Elharar was to double up after his Ah6h discovered a six to the plank into outdraw Katie”ShantayUStay” Lindsay’s AcKc. Austria’s Yannick”ProbierEs” Schumacher gained the upcoming major increase with QhQc holding against HaiFanfan’s AdKh which additionally overlooked. Immediately afterwards, CheckYoMama sent another hammer with pocket Aces turned place against HaiFanFan’s A2o 2 pair. Getting really fortunate was China’s”jackthewinner” who pushed its final 6 bb in the tiny blind using 10c7h, got called by large blind Schroeder together with AdKh, also after more major slick was not any great together with 10 about the flip to get a double up into the short pile. The same, ShantayUStay was delivered after paying up another double, this opportunity into Korn with 6h6s holding away AdKs. Five minutes later , ShantayUStay dropped in 9th spot to DontTiltGG together with AQ controlling KJ.

Wsop Scos 2
WSOP Super Circuit Online collection RING #8: $800 Deepstack NLH Championship

Ahead of another player dropped, there have been three dual installments. The first one was compensated by processor chief ProbierEs who pushed on the lake with atmosphere, CheckYoMama named with all the nuts directly to climb to 2nd rank. Jackthewinner additionally gathered off ProbierEs using a winning flush but lost most of it once AhKh bricked against Korn’s JhJc which enhanced to quads. Noticing the AK losing series, HaiFanFan remarked “AK not very good now”. Two hands afterwards, HaiFanFan 3-bet pushed with AcKh and just like everybody , it had been a dud. HaiFanFan was ousted in 8th place by ProbierEs JcJd. Despite lacking the glory, it was a general excellent day for HaiFanFan who obtained among those WSOPC High Rollers side occasions to an additional US$ 22,843. 41 in winnings.

Korn asserted his original bust of the last table jackthewinner booted in 7th location. Patrick”Nelepo10″ Ulyssea followed 6th place with ProbierEs making his next knockout. It took twenty five minutes to the table to drop another. Throughout this time, the dividers increased and the typical heap dropped to as low as 12 bb. Big slick failed with Korn AhKc spending up a double to CheckYoMama Ac7c when 2 sevens turned out. Korn averted the railroad when he deciphered DontTiltGG’s pocket Experts with KJo 2 group. CheckYoMama subsequently finished off the exact short stacked Schroeder with pocket eights controlling pocket fours. ProbierEs made his third victim by QJc breaking DontTiltGG’s pocket Kings.

At just three staying, the average had been 12 bb. No actions except to push. Korn awakened with pocket fives against CheckYoMama Q10so missed afterward took the remainder to confront ProbierEs at heads with a 8 bb shortage. The 2nd heads-up hand given Korn a controlling 4:1 guide with Ah6h staying before KsQs. He shut it out to another hand KsQs upper group above 10h9c onto a plank 3cKd10dJs8c.

Largest Negative occasion Winner

WSOPC High Rollers: $1,050 Sunday ME — Day 9

Shawn Daniels Poker
Shawn Daniels. Charge:

Purchase at: US$ 1,050
Warranty: US$ 1, 2 000,000
Entries: 995
Prize pool: US$ 1, 2 000,000
ITM: 134
Winner: SHAWN DANIELSUSA — US$ 139,088. 22

Shawn Daniels took his initial WSOPC side occasion onto a fortunate fifth thing.

Multiple Negative Event Winners

WSOPC Series: $315 Bounty King PLO — Day 11

Purchase at: US$ 315
Warranty: US$ 25,000
Entries: 75
Prize pool: US$ 25,000
ITM: 11 areas
Winner: HuliGPNUkraine — US$ 6,109. 10

With this triumph, Ukraine’s”HuliGPN” became the third player to bag three unwanted events. HuliGPN combined Artur Martirosian and Alessandro Giannelli at the exclusive listing. HuliGPN’s initial win was 6 in the WSOPC Series $105 Bounty Hunters PLO to get US$ 3, respectively 712. 86, the next triumph came on Day 1 in the WSOPC Series $50 Fifty Stack PLO to get US$ two,163. 56.

WSOPC Series: $105 Daily Heater [Bounty Turbo] — Day 10

Purchase at: US$ 105
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 479
Prize pool: US$ 50,000
ITM: 71 areas
Winner: MACALEONEBrazil — US$ 6,479. 37

It is macaleONE’s next side event triumph. The first win was 9 in the WSOPC Series: $315 Sunday Bounty King to get a much bigger US$ 42,663. 87 payout.

Asia Pacific — Side Event Winners

WSOPC Series: $50 Fifty Stack — Day 10

Purchase at: US$ 50
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 1, 2 184
Prize pool: US$ 54,464
ITM: 170 areas
Winner: AA12345678China — US$ 7,864. 97

WSOPC High Rollers: $1,500 Deepstack Particular — dawn 10

Purchase at: US$ 1, 2 500
Warranty: US$ 75,000
Entries: 82
Prize pool: US$ 116,850
ITM: 11 areas
Winner: CHOUNIZADIChina — US$ 27,256. 12

WSOPC Series: $25 Daily Mini Main Event — Day 10

Purchase at: US$ 25
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 2,523
Prize pool: US$ 58,029
ITM: 368 areas
Winner: ENDLESSLEEChina — US$ 7,495. 14

WSOPC High Rollers: $1,050 Daily Heater HR [Bounty Turbo] — Day 10

Purchase at: US$ 1,050
Warranty: US$ 50,000
Entries: 59
Prize pool: US$ 59,000
ITM: seven locations
Winner: FOGKAIIIChina — US$ 20,473. 08
2nd Shuoqian “raisetwice88” WangChina — US$ 7,592. 18

WSOPC Series: $50 Fifty Stack PLO — Day 11

Purchase at: US$ 50
Warranty: US$ 10,000
Entries: 234
Prize pool: US$ 10,764
ITM: 31 areas
Winner: WMRHNChina — US$ two,449. 26

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